This uncontrollable check valve is a security device which operates automatically to prevent back flow into the main networks, thus avoiding contamination in a water distribution system. This phenomenon presents itself after suspending the water supply in the water distribution system, which creates a flow inversion. The check valve, when installed between the public main water supply and that of the user in a water distribution system, precludes contact between the water in both networks by closing automatically whenever a back flow is detected. This same valve is likewise utilized in heating plants for that same reason: that is to prevent back flow.

The check valve can be installed at any point on conditioning plants, heating systems, sanitary installations for water supply outside buildings, according to EN 805, irrigation systems and compressed air distribution systems. This product adheres to the standards set forth by the European health authorities for the transport of alimentary fluids and potable water.

Sizes: 1/2" - 2" (PN16), 2 1/2" - 3" (PN8)

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Βαλβίδα Αντεπιστροφής 16 bar
Βαλβίδα Αντεπιστροφής 16 bar