A drop of water shaped the company in 1977 when the owner of Bianchi Rubinetterie, Mr. Francesco Bianchi, started theproduction and sale of fittings and accessories for the bath, using external operations and technical experience offered by the Industrial Technology District of Lumezzane, while maintaining inside the company the design and final inspection of the products, tested piece by piece. Later, the three sons became part of the company: Sabrina, Oscar and Alexander, moving more and more towards the design of the Italian style of the bathroom. Initially, the target market is the national market. In the first decade of the third millennium Bianchi’s family continue to invest in the product, both in the highly personalized design, in search of classic and modern style and customer loyalty. Thanks to their commitment, the company has been able to develop excellent products, very successful in the market, not only Italian, but also internationally.


Choosing Bianchi means obtaining the best quality because the experience that we have acquired over many years of production and research now allows us to meet the expectations of every customer, even the most demanding. Before placing our products on sale, each item is tested carefully and rigorously approved.

The quality, reliability and strength of our products, have always distinguished Bianchi products and allow us to offer our customers a five-year guarantee on the entire production. Bianchi first priority is to create high quality products, conceived carefully in every single detail and produced only with first quality materials, a method recognised by UNI-ES ISO 9001 standards for design and production of sanitary taps and bathroom accessories.


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